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Most fascinating and addictive executive desktop toy. Both soothing and mesmerising. Fifteen steel balls hanging from a frame, suspended on an almost invisible wire. A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely. When a pendulum is displaced sideways from its resting equilibrium position, it is subject to a restoring force due to gravity that will accelerate it back toward the equilibrium position. With the Pendulum Wave (and unlike the Newton's Cradle) we have fifteen different length pendulums. Using the wooden bar supplied, shift all the suspended balls to one side, and then move the bar out of the way. All the balls start to swing from side to side in a pendulum action. Initially, they all move together, then snake-like effects and other much more chaotic patterns start to appear. Stand back and enjoy the rhythmic display. You can find bigger versions of this scientific demonstration in museums and science departments. Comes assembled, individually boxed. Age 14+.

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Falujące wahadło

Falujące wahadło